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Art Supplies provided to United Oaks Elementary School

May 10, 2015

At our meeting with school arts representatives in February, Mrs. Emlet, the visual arts teacher from United Oaks provided a list of the supplies that were needed to complete the current school year, and to support an after school arts club.

Hazel Park Creative Arts recently provided art supplies for the three hundred seventy students of United Oaks Elementary School.

In April, supplies were ordered including glue, an electric pencil sharpener, Pastels, a variety of different color construction paper, and markers.

In a letter dated May 1st, Mrs. Emlet writes:

"Dear Hazel Park Creative Arts,

On behalf of the three hundred seventy students at United Oaks, I would like to say thank you for your financial help in purchasing needed art supplies. The supplies purchased were able to help provide an after school Art Club for fourty fourth and fifth grade students. The supplies have also been used by the entire student body in grades k-5th, allowing students to strive to meet the National Core Arts Standards for Visual Arts. Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting.

We strive to have student art work on continuous display throughout the school. Next time you visit United Oaks be sure to check out the beautiful art work. While students enjoy seeing their art work on display, they are also eager to take their work home in a few weeks to share with family and friends."

In addition to the letter, the students from the United Oaks Art Club also sent us a thank you note and some photos of the students working with some of those supplies. Check out our Facebook page to see those photos!

We’re happy to have helped to provide a great art experience to these students and look forward to providing more help in the future!

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