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Piano tuned at Hazel Park High School

April 17, 2015

Hazel Park Creative Arts has had a few support items in the works since our meeting with the art groups back in February. One of the items on that list was the piano in the choir room in the high school. The piano was getting badly out of tune and with the current situation in the school district, it was not possible for the school to have this done.

Mr. Ross, the choir teacher for both the high school and the junior high, asked if Hazel Park Creative Arts could cover the cost to get the piano re-tuned. After checking with the district we are happy to report that the piano has been tuned!

Mr. Ross sent us the following note:

"The piano is tuned and sounds GREAT!! Our invoice is below. Dave did a terrific job for us for an unbelievable price. Still I couldn't have done this without your (HP Creative Arts) help. I really appreciate this - it will really impact my class everyday!"

We are happy to have been of assistance with this and look forward to future areas where we can be of service!

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