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Unveiling of HOPE - Hazel Park Historical Museum

October 31, 2018

October 31, 2018

To: Hazel Park Families and Staff
Beth Holland, Hazel Park Historical Commissioner/ Hazel Park Creative Arts Board Member
Dr. Amy Kruppe, Hazel Park School Superintendent

We would like to cordially invite you to the unveiling of HOPE, at the Hazel Park Historical Museum on Sunday, November 4th from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. on 45 East Pearl Street.

HOPE is a tribute to celebrating kindness in the community. The concept was brought to the Hazel Park Schools Community Engagement Team by superintendent of schools Dr. Amy Kruppe. It was in Minnesota at unaffiliated museum that there was a sculpture of a chain linked fence onto which the residents of the local community placed painted padlocks with words of inspiration.

The words of love and kindness help support mental health, in a society where we could use a little more kindness. The team thought it would be perfect to bring to Hazel Park.

There are a few key people that we would like to recognize; The Hazel Park Community Engagement Team, Hazel Park Creative Arts, Hazel Park Historical Museum, Richard Gage and Bethany Holland. Hazel Park City Councilwoman Bethany Holland is very excited to be instrumental in allowing others the opportunity to share their lock for the future at the museum. The Hazel Park Creative Arts, who commissioned Richard Gage to develop HOPE from the concept while paying tribute to Robert Indiana.

We thank them for their efforts to bringing HOPE here!

HOPE is going to be an ongoing Hazel Park Creative Arts project to fund Hazel Park Schools after school programs. You can help by purchasing a lock at Tony's ACE Hardware on Woodward Heights for $3.59 Tony's will donate $2 to the Hazel Park Creative Arts. You can also bring/purchase your own lock and make $2 donation to the Hazel Park Creative Arts. You can continue to bring your locks throughout the year every time the museum is open to the community.

On November 4th - we will be painting locks at the Hazel Park Historical Museum. Come join us as we celebrate the great HOPE we have for our great community Hazel Park !

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